Extended Validation SSL: Five Verification Questions

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Five Phone Verification Questions with the Organizational Contact Detail Questionnaires of Organization Contact Authentication Does the technical contact have authority to obtain the certificate? If applicable, does the technical contact have authority to delegate SSL responsibilities? Do you know of the company's ownership and right to use the domain? Do you approve the SSL Certificate request? [...]

Extended Validation SSL: Final Verification Call

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Final Verification Call The Final requirement for Extended Validation SSL Certificates is the Verification Call. The Certificate Authority must speak with you or the Organization Contact using the verified business telephone number in order to confirm the details of your order. Completing the Verification Call This step is fairly simple, the Certificate Authority has already received your Enrollment [...]

Extended Validation SSL: Domain Authentication

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Domain Authentication The Domain Authentication requirement for an Extended Validation SSL Certificate is a fairly straightforward one. The Certificate Authority simply confirms that your company does indeed legally own the domain that was submitted with the order. Completing Domain Authentication The first way that the Certificate Authority will try to verify that your company owns the domain [...]

Extended Validation SSL: Telephone Verification

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Telephone Verification Telephone Verification is yet another requirement for an Extended Validation SSL Certificate. You must have an active telephone number listed in an acceptable telephone directory. The listing must match the exact information given on your certificate and Enrollment Form (i.e. business name with corporate identifier and physical address). Completing Telephone Verification As with many of the other [...]

Extended Validation SSL: Physical Address

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Physical Address The Physical Address requirement for an Extended Validation SSL Certificate is just what it sounds like—you have to prove your organization has an established physical presence in the country or state that it's registered in. Proving your Company's Physical Address In order to prove your company's physical address, the Certificate Authority will have to verify your [...]

Extended Validation SSL: Operational Existence

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Operational Existence The next requirement for an Extended Validation SSL certificate is proving Operational Existence. The CA must confirm that your company has been operational for three or more years. If your company has not been operational for three years, it's still possible to have your Operational Existence verified—but it's going to require a little more work [...]

Extended Validation SSL: Professional Opinion Letter

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Professional Opinion Letter for Extended Validation (EV) When applying for EV, it can greatly speed up the process to complete and submit a professional opinion letter with an accountant or attorney. Below are links to PDF templates for Symantec, GeoTrust, and Thawte attorney and accountant opinion letters. The CPA or attorney who writes the letter needs [...]

Extended Validation SSL: Organization Authentication

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Organization Authentication The next requirement in the Extended Validation process is called Organization Authentication. This is the point where the Certificate Authority verifies that your company is a legitimate legal entity that is registered and active in your local municipality. What is Organization Authentication? The Organization Authentication requirement is pretty straightforward – the CA is going to check [...]

Extended Validation SSL: Enrollment Form

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The Extended Validation SSL Enrollment Form The first requirement for getting an Extended Validation SSL certificate might just be the easiest. You simply fill out the Enrollment Form and return it to the Certificate Authority. The form is a single page, it only requires some basic information about you, your organization and possibly a contact in HR [...]

Extended Validation SSL: Fast & Easy Approval

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Extended Validation SSL: Fast & Easy Approval So you're considering an Extended Validation SSL certificate. On its face the process may seem a bit daunting. It's not. And we're here every step along the way. We've even outlined everything for you to make approval fast & easy. With every EV purchase, you get a detailed EV Enrollment Guide specific to the brand [...]


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