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Extended Validation SSL: Organization Authentication

2020-04-27T18:58:29+02:00April 25th, 2020|Categories: Extended Validation|Tags: , , |

Organization Authentication The next requirement in the Extended Validation process is called Organization Authentication. This is the point where the Certificate Authority verifies that your company is a legitimate legal entity that is registered and active in your local municipality. What is Organization Authentication? The Organization Authentication requirement is pretty straightforward – the CA is going to check [...]

Extended Validation SSL: Enrollment Form

2020-04-27T18:58:40+02:00April 25th, 2020|Categories: Extended Validation|Tags: , , |

The Extended Validation SSL Enrollment Form The first requirement for getting an Extended Validation SSL certificate might just be the easiest. You simply fill out the Enrollment Form and return it to the Certificate Authority. The form is a single page, it only requires some basic information about you, your organization and possibly a contact in HR [...]

Extended Validation SSL: Fast & Easy Approval

2020-04-27T18:58:49+02:00April 25th, 2020|Categories: Extended Validation|Tags: , , |

Extended Validation SSL: Fast & Easy Approval So you're considering an Extended Validation SSL certificate. On its face the process may seem a bit daunting. It's not. And we're here every step along the way. We've even outlined everything for you to make approval fast & easy. With every EV purchase, you get a detailed EV Enrollment Guide specific to the brand [...]


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